A God’s Weapon – LD#32

A God’s Weapon Screenshot

Done! 10 Ludum Dare(s) in a row!

This has been a weird one, because I thought the theme was really cool but I think I missed a nice opportunity for making something better with it.

Anyway, here’s my game: A God’s Weapon

You are a god that tries to take over different solar systems using your most powerful weapon: Planets and followers himself. Select a good amount of your population and fire them onto your enemies’ planets so you can conquer them.

The game can be played by a single person against an AI, but it’s a bit silly and you’d enjoy it more with a real person…

HOW TO PLAY – Select a planet with the mouse. – Select the amount of population to send using the mouse wheel. – Press the left mouse button to select direction and force – Release the button to shoot!

I enjoyed making this game and although it’s not a winner, I’m happy with it because I made everything myself, even the “music”, without using generators.

Enough talking, go play it!

A God's Weapon

Play it!