Food’s above & Danger Beneath the Surface! – LD#29


Poor Pluto's Revenge Screenshot
In “Food’s above & Danger Beneath the Surface!” you are a spider in care of it’s eggs.

Beware! Your energy will decrease and the only way to recover is going out and eating something.

Be careful, because ants will appear to try to steal your eggs!

Be a good mother an take care of them until they hatch!

Cursor Keys/Gamepad: Move
M or Gamepad A: Attack/Go out
N or Gamepad B: Hide


  • Watch out for the eggs.
  • When there are ants around, your spider-sense will buzz 🙂
  • Kill the ants with ‘M’/Gamepad A
  • When energy is low, go out. Press M/Gamepad A when close enough to the exit.
  • Learn the different sounds, they correspond to predators or victims.
  • When outside, ‘M’/Gamepad A to attack/eat. ‘N’/GamePad B got get back inside.
  • The eggs will hatch, be patience 🙂

Play Food's above & Danger Beneath the Surface

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