HitlerZilla – LD#25


HitlerZilla Screenshot
In my oppinion this is my best LD48 entry! I completed all my objetives, almost didn’t broke anything and I’ll overall satisfied with the final result. So, here it is!


You play as HitlerZilla, a GenericZilla monster with Hitler’s brain and your mission is just defeat as many enemies as possible. Looks easier than it is!

I didn’t have the time to properly implement increasing difficulty, but I think that even with fixed values the game is enjoyable. Just wait for the soldiers, tanks and even planes at bout 30 seconds into the game, be patience 🙂

I hope you enjoy the game! First of all because I think it’s a nice game and second because my last LD48 entry was a bit misunderstood and not many people got through the first mini-game, even after posting a video showing how to play! I think this one is easier to have fun with.

Play HitlerZilla

Play it!