The Path For Evolution – LD#24


The Path For Evolution Screenshot
I’m a bit disappointed, though, with this one. I made the classical error: Too ambitious for my experience and time. I didn’t have time to add proper sfx or music. Also the game lacks a bit of polish. More about this tomorrow with the Post Mortem.


The game: As I have no knowledge about DNA, biology and so, I decided that given that Evolution took so long to be a Ludum Dare theme… what if Evolution itself fights against the previous LD themes? It has been in the final round 7 times and 9 voted, that’s 9 levels!

Every mini-level is inspired by one past LD theme, as can be seen on the top-left corner of the screen. Plus a last level surprise not inspired in any past them, but with which Evolution has got to fight til the last blood drop 🙂

Play The Path For Evolution

Play it!